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Occupational therapy (Bedfordshire and Luton)

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What we do

The Bedfordshire and Luton paediatric occupational therapy service offers assessment and intervention as indicated for difficulties with functional skills due to motor difficulties.

Occupational therapists treat the specific problems of children with poor gross and fine motor co-ordination and visual perceptual difficulties where they have a significant impact on activities of daily living skills; and where difficulties are not associated solely to a generally delayed presentation.  Activities of daily living skills include: washing, dressing, eating toileting, play and leisure activities and accessing the school curriculum i.e. the ability to participate in school lessons or move around the school building.

We provide assessment, advice and treatment where appropriate. 

We also provide assessment and recommendations with regards to classroom seating, where additional postural support is required, along with recommendations for additional equipment and small aids to enable the young person to access the school environment and curriculum.

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Our Sensory Processing Awareness Training is also available to listen or read a transcript in your native language - click here.

To accompany the video we have produced some helpful literature - click on the links below to access:

Further information about help for children with special educational needs and disabilities can also be found on the Central BedfordshireBedford Borough and Luton Local Offer pages. 

To find out more about the Bedford Borough Local Offer training sessions please click here.

Click on the link to read our latest Service Statement.

If you are looking to make a referral to our service, please see our latest Guidelines for Making a Referral to Paediatric OT .

How can we help?

To view a page where you can read a script of the below video and translate it into your preferred language, please click here.

Our paediatric occupational therapists will assess the child’s present ability and discuss the next stage of therapy; providing activity advice and strategies where appropriate.  This aims to help the child attain the highest possible quality of life through purposeful play and activities.

Our therapists work with the child in partnership with their parents and carers to formulate a treatment plan.  We encourage nursery and school settings, where appropriate, to follow a treatment programme between appointments.  We support staff to understand the objectives behind the activities and feel confident in implementing the programme activities.  Therapy mainly takes place at Redgrave Children and Young People’s Centre (Luton) or the Child Development Centre (Kempston); where therapists may see a child for individual or group sessions.  The frequency of sessions will vary according to the child’s needs. 

We work closely with other professionals including physiotherapists, and where appropriate will see your child jointly, to provide assessment, advice and treatment.   Paediatric Physiotherapy Services are run by Bedford Hospitals NHS Trust - more information can be found by clicking on the link.

After occupational therapy assessment or a period of intervention, outcomes are evaluated and a clinically led decision is made in partnership with the parents/carers regarding the child’s needs.  This may involve further advice, direct face to face interventions, discharge and/or referral onto other relevant services/agencies.

Sensory differences can contribute to difficulties taking part in everyday activities in different environments such as getting dressed or eating, handwriting or going to the park. 

How to contact our service

How to be referred

We accept referrals from GPs, health professionals, SENDCos, the early years support team and the sensory and communication team.  We do not accept self-referrals or parental referrals., but the referral forms for professionals can be found in the document list at the bottom of the page entitled 'OT referral form',

Where our service is based

Redgrave Children & Young People’s Centre

Redgrave Garden’s, Luton, LU3 3QN

Phone: 01582 708141


(For South Beds, Central Bedfordshire and Luton)

Child Development Centre

Kempston, Hill Rise, MK42 7EB

Phone: 01234 310278


(For North Beds and Bedford Borough)

Parking - Disabled parking spaces are available near the entrance at both venues and there is ample other free parking.

Which area do I come under - click on the links above to find out which area your postcode is in.

Usual hours of operation:

Redgrave Children and Young People’s Centre, Luton: 07:30 – 16:30

Child Development Centre, Kempston: 08:30 – 17:00

Where can I get further information from?
Patient Advice and Liasion Service (PALS) - click here for full details.

Click on this link for information on all Children's Services run by Cambridgeshire Community Service NHS Trust.

Additional information
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0583 - EquipmentPDF1.32 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0587 - Messy PlayPDF1.82 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
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0590 - Fine Motor SkillsPDF1.03 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
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0716 - Sensory Strategies - Hair BrushingPDF2.55 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0717 - Sensory Strategies - PlayPDF1.33 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0718 - Sensory Strategies - Teeth brushingPDF1.17 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0719 - Sensory Strategies - toilet trainingPDF1.17 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0720 - Sensory Strategies - WashingPDF1.17 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0721 - Sensory Strategies - What is a sensory dietPDF1.24 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0722 - Creating a sensory bagPDF1.18 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0723 - Sensory Strategies - Calming and AlertingPDF1.04 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0724 - Sensory Circuits - Info for teachersPDF1.04 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0725 - Sensory Circuits - In ClassPDF1.05 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0726 - Sensory Circuits - Sensory Motor Tools for the ClassroomPDF1.04 MB11 Aug, 2021 Download
0731 - Developing Functional SkillsPDF1.26 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
0732 - Developmental Coordination DisorderPDF1.11 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
0733 - Early development for children with down syndromePDF1.14 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
0734 - Children with Hypermobile JointsPDF1.51 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
0735 - Positioning for Feeding and DrinkingPDF1.54 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
0736 - Movement BreaksPDF1.29 MB04 Jan, 2022 Download
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