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Infant crying is normal.

Comforting methods can sometimes soothe the baby.

It’s Ok to walk away for a few minutes.

Never, ever shake a baby.

Dad with baby

Crying is completely normal. There are lots of different ways to soothe a crying baby - sometimes they will work, other times they won’t and this is ok. Crying is how a baby communicates with you and it’s supposed to get your attention. Whilst it can be upsetting or distressing it's normal to feel like this.

Though babies cry a lot, you can expect crying to reach its peak when your baby is around 6-8 weeks old. This can be a challenging time.

If you feel like you can’t cope, it is ok to put your baby down in safe place (like their cot) and take a few minutes to calm yourself. Keep checking on the baby every few minutes until you feel calm enough to soothe them. Never ever shake your baby.

Always ask for help if think you need it. There is a lot available, whether it is from family, friends, professionals or online resources. Focus on getting the right kind of support that will help you and remember... I.C.O.N cope.


My baby is crying - click the titles to open more information

  • Crying Curve

  • Crying Animation

What you can do to help

Starting points

  1. Are they hungry?

  2. Are they wet or dirty?

  3. Are they tired?

  4. Are they too hot or too cold?

  5. Are they in pain?

  6. Do they want to be held?

  7. Is there too much going on around them?

If your baby is crying constantly

There are several reasons that can cause a baby to cry excessively such as colic or illness, particularly if it does not sound like their normal cry. Click the links for more detailed advice.

Thinking ahead

It can be helpful to think ahead and focus on what you can do to help yourself when your baby is crying. Writing down a small plan, make a note in your phone, or even bookmark/favourite this webpage; these things can all help. You might want to ask yourself:

  • Who can I go to for help with crying?

  • What will I do if I need a few minutes to myself?

  • What makes me feel better?

  • What makes me feel calmer?

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