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Sensory Processing Awareness Training

The following video will give you information on sensory processing and its role in your child’s everyday life.

To accompany the video we have produced some helpful literature.   Click on the links below to access

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Ways to help with sensory difficulty

If you think your child has sensory processing difficulties you can talk to any health or education professionals working with your child. They will help you unpick your child’s behaviours, and whether or not they are sensory, or have another cause.  For example it can be that children with high levels of anxiety display higher levels of sensory sensitivity, or children who are struggling to communicate can use sensory behaviours to gain attention. 

The information below has been recreated with permission from Bedford Borough Local Offer.  Click on the image to download.

OT Strategies

Links to websites mentioned in the presentation video

(Sensory Integration Network (training and info)  

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation

Whipsnade Zoo have a visual story:

The Sunflower Lanyard is a discreet way for adults and children with hidden disabilities to show that they need additional support or more time:

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