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The Planning Wheel

To accompany the Sensory Processing video we have produced some helpful literature with regards to the Planning Wheel - click on the links below to access:

In addition, we have also produced an engaging animation about two characters, Jake and Serena which you can watch with your children. This video is designed to help you all understand the purpose of Planning Wheels, how they can make a difference to children with sensory differences and help them manage to develop their independence in completing everyday tasks such as teeth brushing and getting dressed.

If you would like to view a version of the Planning Wheel animation with subtitles and BSL please click here.

A transcript of the  Planning Wheel animation, which can be translated into various languages via the 'ReciteMe' function can be viewed here.

Planning Wheel animation (without subtitles or BSL)

Using planning wheels to support your child with sensory differences

The second video goes into more detail about the planning wheels and the benefits which you may find useful as well as giving some useful resources on further reading and valuable web sites.

A transcript of the Planning Wheel presentation video, which can be translated into various languages via the 'ReciteMe' function, can be viewed here.

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