Postural Advice

When working on handwriting skills, fine motor skills or any desktop tasks, it is important to ensure that the child is using a chair and table of the correct height. The following ergonomic principles should be applied. 

  • Sitting with bottom all the way back.
  • Chair tucked in all the way.
  • Legs fully supported by the length of the seat
  • Feet flat on the floor (a box or similar can be used if necessary)
  • Table height should be at elbow level (child can sit on a box or firm item if necessary).
  • Sitting in the chair with shoulders straight. Ensure that the back is making contact with the backrest. Avoiding slouching or stooping forward.
  • Do not sit in one position for too long. Ideally having a mini break, by getting up, having a stretch every 10-15 minutes. This prevents joints from seizing up/ becoming stiff.

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