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Co-Production (Working Together)


What is Co-Production? 4

Co-Production is when the voices of people with lived experience are included in decision-making, from commissioning to co-design and co-delivery. People with lived experience (or service users) work with services to design, deliver and build projects or service developments. It’s better for professionals to design services with communities.

An example of Co-Production is the Neurodiversity Diagnosis Support pack. We had families, parents, carers and young people working together with us every step of the way in the creation of the support pack. All meetings were attended together, all information and resources were created together, and the project was planned and reviewed together. Everyone took equal shared responsibility in promoting and driving the project and making sure it was a success. 

This ensured the diagnosis support pack was fit for purpose and suited to the needs of the people using it. After all, it was designed by service users, for service users. 

Click here to read more about the Diagnosis Support Pack Project.

Click here to watch a video explaining Co-Production

What are the benefits of Co-Production?

Co-Production creates better outcomes…

  • We get to the right solutions quicker, systems and services will work better and faster.
  • It is better for patients to be actively involved in their care, they understand more, join in more, are more invested in the service and care plan and are therefore healthier and happier.
  • Services will be fit for purpose and tailored to the needs of the end user.
  • People feel valued and heard, building confidence, self esteem and experiences.

Examples of how we have used Co-Production

ADHD Treatment Response handout

Our Diagnosis Support Pack - Case Study

How can you get involved? 2

We are always looking for members of our community to join in with us on exciting projects and co-production initiatives. Some of the things you may be interested in taking part are:

  • Attending and participating in a meeting to share your ideas for service improvements and developments
  • Co-design and co-deliver training for our team members
  • Joining an interview panel to interview our new recruits
  • Sharing your service user story for our colleagues to learn from
  • Attending a focus group
  • Completing surveys
  • Providing feedback on new initiatives or written materials
  • Speaking at a conference or event

You do not need to have any prior knowledge or specialist expertise/experience, you will be offered payment for your time as per our trust rewards and recognition policy.

Would you like to hear about future co-production opportunities or be a part of them? Click here.

Meet the team


Lydia Rosseter (she/her)

Co-Production Lead

Bedfordshire & Luton Children's Services


Jodie Battrum (she/her)

Co-Production co-ordinator

Bedfordshire & Luton Children’s Services

Contact us 

Please feel free to email us with any questions or to get involved:



When you sign up to get involved and work together with us your data will always be kept confidential, stored securely and will never be shared with anyone else. For more information on how we use and store your data please see our trust privacy notice on co-production here:

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