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I am not sure my baby is getting enough milk

You can tell your baby is getting enough milk if:

  • Baby is having 6 or more heavy wet nappies every day
  • Baby is having 2 or more poos a day (up to 4-6 weeks old)
    (after 6 weeks some breastfed babies to go several days between poos—this is not constipation; they use breastmilk very efficiently & there is not much waste).
  • Baby is settled after some feeds (not all, as some cluster feeding periods each day can be normal)
  • Baby is calm and relaxed when feeding
  • Baby is roughly tracking their curve on the growth chart

My baby has gained weight but is not following their curve on the chart

We look for babies to roughly track their centile line but it is not unusual for them to go up or down a bit. Unless they cross two centile lines your GP or Health Visitor will not be concerned.

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My baby has crossed two centile lines on the chart in the red book

If your baby has crossed two centile lines please contact the Health Hub on 0300 555 0606 for feeding support, and make an appointment with your GP for a review to check all is well with baby.

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