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Luton Integrated community diabetes service

Luton Integrated Community Diabetes Service

The service consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialist diabetes nurses, dietitians and support workers who help to optimise diabetes management and reduce risk of diabetes related complications.  The service runs specialist diabetes clinics and promotes diabetes education programmes.

Who can use the service? 
The service is accessible to patients over the age of 18 years diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Referrals to this service can be made by:

  • General Practitioners and Practice Nurses
  • Community Nurses
  • Specialists Nurses
  • Diabetes Consultants at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital
  • Other health care professionals and social care workers
  • Self-referrals for education accepted from people registered with a Luton GP surgery

The Integrated Community Diabetes Service provides:

  • Diabetes Education Programmes
  • Click Here for further details on the different education programmes delivered by the service.
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse Clinics The Diabetes review clinics are held regularly at the Luton Treatment Centre.  The consultation is conducted by an experience Diabetes Specialist Nurse and patients will need to meet defined referral criteria, which includes being prescribed maximum oral medication or be on injectable therapy. At the consultation a diabetes management plan will be agreed and a copy sent to GP and patient.
  • Diabetes Specialist Dietitian Clinics The Diabetes Dietitian clinics are held regularly at the Luton Treatment Centre. Appointments are for patients with Diabetes who are motivated to engage in diet and lifestyle advice to improve their Diabetes control. If a patient meets the ‘Housebound’ referral criteria, this being; they are unable to leave their home to attend their GP practice, the Diabetes Dietitian can also review patients in their own home.
  • Housebound Diabetes Specialist review NON routine Patients referred need to meet ‘Housebound’ referral criteria, this being; they are unable to leave their home to attend their GP practice.  They will be seen at home by a Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Diabetes Support Worker, depending on reason for referral.
  • Diabetes Mentorship (Urdu and Bengali) This is a  3 to 6 month, 1:1 diabetes mentorship support programme for people who have attend Living with Diabetes Education in Urdu or Bengali, have had type 2 diabetes for more than 1 year and who have a high  HbA1c and would benefit from intensive 1:1 support to improve their diabetes.  The mentorship programme is delivered by an Urdu or Bengali speaking, trained Diabetes Support Worker.  When necessary the support worker is supported by a Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Dietitian.
  • Housebound Routine Diabetes Review Patients referred need to meet ‘Housebound’ referral criteria, this being they are unable to leave their home to attend their GP practice. They will be seen at home by a Diabetes Support Worker or a Diabetes Specialist Nurse.  A routine 6 or 12 monthly diabetes review will be performed dependent on their diabetes management.

The service is based at:

Clinical Base
Luton Treatment Centre
Vestry Close

Office Base
The Poynt
Units 2-3
Poynters Road
Luton, LU4 0LA

Tel: 0333 405 3128

Office operating Hours: 8.00 am – 4.00pm on Mondays to Fridays. (Not Bank Holidays)

DESMOND Foundation and the 'Living with Diabetes' education programmes by contacting 0333 405 3128

The Integrated Community Diabetes service provides Group Education Sessions - click here for further details.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the diabetes team recognises that you may have increased anxiety about how to manage your diabetes and/or mental health.  Below are some useful resources. Click on the links below and see attached PDF documents.

A further useful resource is the Team Diabetes 101  Twitter page @_diabetes101 which is updated daily. Please note that CCS staff do not govern any content on this forum.

Below are a couple of video's designed to be used as a refresher or confidence builder for patients or carers during this time of limited health professional visits and who normally receive specialist support.  If you have any issues about your care please contact the team on 0333 405 3128,  or contact your GP or 111.

How to inject insulin

How to check your blood glucose level
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How to Understand Hazard RatiosJPG95.19 KB26 May, 2020 Download
How to Hack your HbA1cJPG92.94 KB26 May, 2020 Download
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