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Trust strategy 2020-2023

We have some exciting and ambitious plans for the future – read more here.

Annual Report 2019/20 AR image

To read about our achievements during 2019/20, which led to the Trust being rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, please see our Annual Report 2019-20.

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Annual Accounts for 2018/19

Our Quality Account 2018-19 covering all services provided by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Luton, Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk is now available.

Previous Accounts:
Quality Account 2017-18
Quality Account 2016 -17
Quality Account 2015 -16 
Quality Account 2014 -15  

Medicines Formularies

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust follows the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) Medicines Formularies as explained below. 

For the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough areas:  

For the Bedfordshire and Luton areas - click here

For the Norfolk area - click here

Our Gender Pay Gap Actions

The Trust is committed to equal opportunities and to building equality, diversity and inclusion into all we do and to supporting the fair treatment and reward of all staff irrespective of gender or any other characteristic and in ensuring equal pay and in reducing any gender pay gap.

Following our 2019 gender pay gap report, the Trust updated its gender pay gap action plan to seek to address the issues highlighted.

The actions were to:

  • ensure senior roles are advertised with flexible working as an option to attract female applicants;
  • offer the empowering female staff training ‘Springboard’ to staff;
  • regularly review shortlisting data and identify any areas of concern;
  • Promote having diverse selection panels through policy practice and training;
  • Promote and facilitate mentoring and coaching, including reverse mentoring;
  • Utilise the new Future Talent Coordinator to work with young people to encourage more young men to enter NHS careers.

Actions taken to meet the plan included:

Flexible Working
The Recruitment and HR Teams continue to advise managers on the benefits of offering/supporting flexible working both at recruitment and when requested by existing staff.

The Trust advertises Executive Director roles as full-time, part-time or job-share and during the financial year 2019/20 we appointed a female Executive Director on a part-time basis.

Female staff have been offered the opportunity to undertake Springboard training, which is aimed at addressing issues which may traditionally hold female staff back from progressing in their careers.  Twelve staff applied for the 2020 intake, however we were subsequently advised that this regionally run programme was filled with staff from other trusts already on a waiting list therefore we are in discussion with all 12 to agree any support we can give them pending a new Springboard programme being offered.

Data Review
The Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee reviews workforce diversity and inclusion data, with a focus on identifying any areas which indicate any areas of concern.

Diverse Selection Panels
Diversity of panels continues to be actively promoted on recruitment training and with the introduction of BAME staff involvement on panels we are widening the awareness of the value of selection decisions being made by a diverse panel.

Mentoring and Coaching
In October 2019, as part of Black History Month, we launched our new diversity mentoring programme ‘Big 9’ with training for mentors, using a mix of our existing mentor training and specific diversity and inclusion mentoring training. The Wider Executive team were trained in December 2019, the Leadership Forum had a brief in December 2019, the Board were trained in February 2020 and training is in place across localities for interested mentors. Following training for the mentors, the Big 9 Mentorship programme will be widely promoted and mentors and mentees will be matched up.

Attracting more men into the Trust
Our Future Talent Advisor is working on our 2020 work programme to widen access to careers in CCS, including an improved work experience programme, going into schools/colleges, working with organisations which support ex-service personal into the NHS etc.  A pilot programme starts in June 2020 with a school local to the Trust HQ and will be evaluated and rolled out across the Trust. The pilot is being run in partnership with CPFT and local GP practices, and aims to promote NHS careers to young people including myth busting the gender stereotypes which currently exist.

In light of the 2019 gender pay gap report, the key actions in the 2019/20 action plan will continue in the 2020/21 plan.

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