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Welcome to the START project pilot. Not being able to read or speak English fluently often excludes many of our patients from taking part in research. Our team are working on this pilot project to explore if information about research studies can be provided to patients using the ReciteMe toolbar, which provides translation to many languages. This page has been set up to test the accuracy and helpfulness of the translations only, using one of our research studies as an example. If you are interested in taking part in any of our studies, please visit: Get involved

Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in BabyBreatheTM. This research study will test a package of support, created by working with women, partners and NHS staff, to help women who have stopped smoking for pregnancy to stay smoke free following the birth of their baby. The package is called ‘BabyBreatheTM’.

Around ¼ of women in the UK report smoking in the 12 months before becoming pregnant. Over half of these women manage to quit while pregnant but at least half of women who quit, restart smoking after their babies are born. This can seriously affect the health of the mother and baby.

If you agree to enrol in this research study you will be helping us gather vital information to help women stay smoke free after they have had a baby. You would have equal chance of being put into one of two groups, receiving either:
Usual Care, or

The BabyBreatheTM package includes support from a health visitor (as part of your usual health care visits), information leaflets, a website and an app. Text message support, and a BabyBreatheTM box will be posted to you to support staying smoke free after the birth of your baby.

Between 26 weeks and birth we will ask you to confirm you are smoke free, and then ask you some questions about your health. At 6 months and then 12 months after you have had your baby we will send you a short questionnaire asking you about any smoking and your health. To thank you for returning information to us 12 months after birth of your baby, we will offer you £15 shopping vouchers. You will also be able to keep the study resources sent to you.

How will this help in the future?

If the BabyBreatheTM support package is found to be effective and liked, we intend it to be used by the NHS to support women, so your participation in the study may help lots of women in the future.

Who is it run by?

This study is being led by the University of East Anglia in conjunction with St George’s University of London, The University of Edinburgh, University of Stirling, The Institute of Health Visiting and the University of Leicester. It is being funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

Am I eligible?

To take part in the BabyBreatheTM study you need to be:

At least 16 years old;

You need to have given up smoking during pregnancy or within the 12 months before pregnancy (not smoking currently).

If you have already agreed for a health professional to pass on your contact details and the month your baby is due, we will aim to make contact with you to confirm you are interested in taking part. Then you will receive a text/email from us to give you more information about the study and seek your formal agreement to take part.

If you have not yet agreed for a health professional to pass on your contact details and the month your baby is due, please contact us directly:

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