Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN)

CQUINs are extra quality improvement goals that we can agree to aim for, there is a financial incentive to achieve those aims. 

The CQUIN framework is intended to reward excellence, encouraging a culture of continuous quality improvement, whilst delivering better outcomes for patients. 

The Trust has worked with its commissioners – the people who ‘buy’ NHS services on behalf of local people - to develop a number of CQUIN targets for completion.   Each Trust’s CQUIN scheme must contain mandatory national CQUINs along with those agreed between CCS and our local commissioners.

Luton 2017 -19
There are seven CQUINS which will run over two years. Two of these are local, and the remaining five are national.

NHS Staff Health & Wellbeing (National 2 year CQUIN)
a) Improvement of health & wellbeing of NHS staff -5 % point improvement in 2/3 NHS annual staff survey questions on health & wellbeing, Musculo-skeletal and stress conditions
b) Improving the uptake of flu vaccinations for front line staff within providers

Proactive & Safe Discharge from hospital (National 2 year CQUIN)
Increasing proportion of patients admitted via non-elective route discharged from hospital to their usual place of residence within 7 days of admission 

Improving the assessment of wounds (National 2 year CQUIN)
Increase the number of wounds which have failed to heal after 4 weeks that receive a full wound assessment

Preventing ill health by risky behaviours- alcohol and tobacco (National 2 year CQUIN)
Includes screening, providing brief advice and referral)

Personalised Care & Support Planning (National 2 year CQUIN)
Aim of embedding personalised care & support planning for people with long -term conditions

Integrated Falls Pathway (Local 2 year CQUIN
Work in partnership with other providers to streamline, simplify & co-ordinate points of access to the network of falls services for all referrers and patients, delivering a holistic patient centred approach to support people who fall

Palliative Care & End of Life (Local 2 year CQUIN)
Develop common/ shared Gold Standard Framework (GSF) template on System1 for CCS, LDUH, Keech Hospice and GPs 

For further information on national CQUINs see link:

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 2018/19

The Trust is committed to the following national CQUINs:

  • The introduction of health and wellbeing initiatives covering physical activity, mental health and improving access to physiotherapy for people with MSK issues. The CQUIN asks for the achievement of a 5 percentage point improvement in two of the three NHS annual staff survey questions on health and wellbeing, MSK and stress.
  • The CQUIN asks for improvement in the uptake of flu vaccinations for front line clinical staff with a target of 75% before the end of January 2019.
  • The CQUIN asks for timely identification of patients with sepsis in emergency departments and acute inpatient settings. 

The Trust is also committed to the local CQUIN titled Participation and Engagement in all Clinical Working Groups relevant to the Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP). Active and on-going participation and engagement by system leaders (clinical and non-clinical) in the preparation of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and the on-going work of the STP Clinical Working Groups.


  • Luton 2016/17 CQUINs

  • Cambridgeshire CQUIN goals 2015/16

  • Luton CQUINs 2015/16

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