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Physiotherapy at the CDC

What we do

We are a team of chartered physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants based at the Child Development Centre. All qualified staff are HPCP ( Health and Care  Professions Council) registered and all have undertaken relevant training in child development, child protection and children’s growth related physical issues. We assess and treat children at the centre, in school and pre-school settings and at home. We also provide a paediatric physiotherapy service to the Bedford hospital children wards and their children’s outpatient orthopaedic service and cystic fibrosis service

How can we help

Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential. It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being. In children, Chartered Physiotherapists work to combat a broad range of physical problems in particular those associated with neuromuscular, musculo-skeletal, and respiratory systems. This includes developmental delay, cerebral palsy, arthritis, injuries to joints and muscles, fractures, coordination difficulties, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, hypermobility outside normal range, gait assessments, cystic fibrosis etc

We assess need and then provide various options for helping you and your child. You may be offered individual or group treatment sessions at the centre, given advice for self-management, shown exercises to undertake at home or a combination of the above depending on circumstances

Physios look at your muscles and joints and how you move around. They may test your muscles to see how strong you are and feel how your joints move.  You can come to our centre and play in our gym using some of our equipment, eg a static bike, a climbing frame, balance beams, balls, trampete, soft play area. Sometimes we come and see you at home and sometimes we will come and see you in school.

What to expect at your initial assessment

The initial appointment takes between 40 and 90 minutes, after that follow up appointments are between 20 to 60 minutes.

The receptionist will let the physiotherapist know you are here. You will then be taken by your physiotherapist  into the gym or treatment room. A history will be taken and the physiotherapist will examine your child. This may mean examining limbs whilst lying on a couch or on a mat on the floor. The physiotherapist will also watch your child moving around and may ask your child to do some age appropriate exercises  eg balancing on one leg, hopping and jumping , crawling, climbing. After the assessment, plans for further treatment will be discussed with you and your child or your child may be discharged with advice and information.

Information on groups

Hydrotherapy: we run hydrotherapy sessions on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening  in term time for children referred by their physiotherapist. You are usually offered a block of 6 sessions to work towards a set goal. They take place in the hydrotherapy pool in Ridgeway school which is attached to the CDC.

Coordination groups : these take place 3 times  a year and are run jointly by physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  Children are referred into these groups by their physiotherapist or occupational therapist

Little Movers Group: this is a group for young children with developmental delay. Please see attached leaflet

Explorers group: this is a group for  3 to 5 year olds to practise motor skills. Please see attached leaflet

Star group: this is run by physiotherapists and occupational therapists for young children with very complex needs. It occurs on a Tuesday morning at the CDC. Your child can be referred into this group by their  therapist.  You attend with your child. Sessions target fine motor, gross motor  and play skills. Ideas for how best to position and handle your child are discussed.

How to contact our team

You can call us at the CDC on 01234 310278

Or you can email our generic email address:

How to be referred

We take referrals from health and education professionals, eg; GP, school nurse, health visitor, School SENDCo , the CDC early years education team, etc.

If you have been seen by us before, we will also take a parental referral for the same condition your child was seen for previously, provided you contact us within one year of discharge. 

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