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About the co-produced Neurodiversity Support Pack

Our Neurodiversity Support Pack (NSP) has been coproduced by families for families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity.

Some families have described the experience of their child receiving a neurodiversity diagnosis (e.g. Autism or ADHD) with mixed emotions, and following the lengthy diagnosis process are left with little information, or understanding of ‘what next?’  Many families have told us that a 'one-stop shop' for information, resources and signposting following a diagnosis would be really useful, and they would like this information to be accessible and from a trusted source. 

Led by our Coproduction team, we joined together with parents, young people, local Parent Carer Forums, CAMHS, Education Psychology, and other key partners.  As well as making the pack informative and useful, it was really important to us that the pack uplifts people and celebrates neurodiversity. We know many families find receiving a diagnosis a challenging time, but empowering messages and having positive role models are so important to help parents/carers and young people on their journey.

What is the Neurodiversity Support Pack?

The Neurodiversity Support Pack is for families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity, and contains information, resources and signposting in a variety of media (video's, infographics, animations), split into 14 different sections - from sleep to medication and lots more.

Click on the button links below to access the sections.

 1 - Introduction  Positives  Holistic Approach  What to expect at your appt
 Sleep  Medication  Talking about a diagnosis  Sensory Processing Needs
 Mental Health  Supporting Social Communication  Holistic Approach  Useful Information
 Jargon Buster  Resources  16 - ADHD  17 - Autism
 18 - Dyslexia  19 - Tics

Workshops page


Workshops for Parents & Carers

To view the publicly available workshops from us or our partners please visit our Workshops page.

Have you sat and watched your child and thought that something is unique about them, something different in the way they understand the world, but you are unsure what to do?

Watch our video for more information, help and advice. 

For audio transcription visit: 


The pack is also accessible via the Bedford BoroughCentral Bedfordshire and Luton Local Offer pages.  You can find out more about the Local Offers by clicking on the links above.

Coming to our Clinics

To access our video about what will happen when you come to the clinic for an assessment - click on the link below.

To view the short clips mentioned in the video above, click on the links below.

Neha Makwana, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Louise Barrett, Clinical Nurse Specialist


Latest Waiting Time information

Click on the link to view information regarding our latest waiting times across Luton and Bedfordshire

Click on this link for translatable information on waiting times.


In this podcast (produced by CAMHS) we discuss how, why and what the Neurodiversity Support Pack is all about and the journey that went in to its creation.


How to use the Neurodiversity Support Pack


  • All the pages in this pack can be translated into your native language as text or audio via our Recite feature which you will find at the top of each page.  The translated page can also be downloaded.  More information about using our translation service can be found by clicking here.

  • Click into each chapter and read through in your own time and at your own pace.

  • At the bottom of each page (including this one) you will find three icons, you can click on these to take you back to our


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