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Getting a proper night’s sleep is important for you as a parent too!

It may have been suggested that you sleep when your child sleeps, but this won’t be necessary or convenient, especially if you have other people to care for and it can also be difficult to ‘switch off’ on demand. By the time you have got your child to sleep, particularly if they need calming down, you may feel too wound up to sleep yourself.

  • Safety proof your child’s room so you can relax knowing that they cannot harm themselves while you sleep.

Consider your own routines and habits before going to sleep:

  • Limit the use of electronics 15-20 minutes before falling asleep, the light emitted from devices can negatively affect the quality of your sleep.
  • Set your own personal routine with clear steps to follow:

For example, have a warm shower, then a cup of herbal tea while comfortable in bed, perhaps read few pages from a book or listen to relaxing music/nature sounds. Make this routine personal to your likes/dislikes but ensure you find it relaxing.

Educate yourself around the topic of sleep. Understanding and knowing more around both your and your child’s sleep will provide you with tools and approaches in order to deal with sleep difficulties.

If you’re struggling with long-term lack of sleep, implementing strategies such as those above can be impractical. Seek support outside the family such as your GP, social worker or child’s school, for help and advice. 

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