Waiting Times for Luton and Bedfordshire Community Paediatrics

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Bedfordshire & Luton Community Paediatrics Services

The service provides assessment, advice, signposting, diagnosis and support for children and young people. 

How long is the wait to first appointment?

  • Waiting times fluctuate based on a clinical priority system against set criteria. High risk medication
    reviews are prioritised.

  • In April 2023 children on the waiting list have been waiting an average 28 weeks until their care
    pathway began.

  • The care pathway will begin with the healthcare professional who is most suited to meeting the
    needs of the child at this time, this may be a support practitioner, specialist nurse, or a

  • Please note: this timeframe is intended to give a guide on current service demand, we are not able
    to provide individualised expected wait times per person.

What is the cause of the delay?

  • Increasing demand in referrals for children with complex needs; EHCP, Children in Care (CIC) and Initial Health assessments.

  • An increase in accepted referrals.

  • National and local shortage of Community Paediatricians

What is the service doing to help?

  • New specialist nurses have been successfully recruited to improve the frequency of medication

  • An early intervention team has been formed to support children and families. The team have coproduced an ‘Early Support Workshop’ with parent carer forums.

  • The specialist nursing team are available by telephone or email daily to offer support and advice
    to families. They can be contacted via our Health HUB - available Monday to Friday. See details for how to contact below.

  • Waiting time information has been added to letters and community resources including where to seek support locally.

  • The Neurodiversity Diagnosis Support Pack and many other resources to support communication,
    continence and sensory challenges have been co-produced with parent carer forums and are
    available on our website - see details below.

  • Families who have been waiting longer than anticipated have been contacted by our team to
    ensure support is offered.

  • The service meets monthly with Parent Carer Forums to listen to feedback and share updates.
    Additional recovery funding has enabled over 1000 appointments between January and March

  • 'SEND Health focus week; a week of free, interesting and informative workshops and webinars, has
    been co-produced with Parent Carer Forums for the 9th - 16th June 2023. For more information and
    to book your place please visit here.

Where can I go for help in the meantime?

  • Diagnosis Support Pack  For families following a diagnosis of a neurodiversity, and contains information, resources and signposting in a variety of media.

  • Post Diagnosis Pack Resources Section Please see our online page, which includes details of local support services.

  • Our workshops page has plenty of training you can access any time, for free.

  • For advice and support call our Children's Community Health HUB on 0300 555 0606 or email ccs.bedsandlutonchildrenshealthhub@nhs.net - this is available from 9am - 5pm Mon –Fri.

For Bedfordshire, you can contact the CDC by emailing: ccs.beds.childrens.cdc.admin@nhs.net or contact Union Street by emailing: ccs.paediatricadminteam-unionstreet@nhs.net

For Luton, you can contact the Edwin Lobo Centre by emailing: edwinlobocomms.s1@nhs.net

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