Online Referral form for Community Paediatrics

The Bedfordshire & Luton Community Paediatrics Services have come together to work as one service.   The aims of this joint working will be to enhance patient experience, improve waiting times, and that children will be seen at the right place, time, and by the right person.

Our online referral pack has been revised as per feedback received from our referrers and can be found here Online Referral Pack.  

So what is different about this referral pack?

  • One referral pack to both Bedfordshire and Luton Services.
  • Clearer information for the referrer on which children and young person we can provide a service to.
  • Ensure the right service for the child/ young person, parent and carers.
  • The form contains information to signpost to other services where needed.
  • Provides the referrer with information about how to make the referral.
  • Referrals can be sent by NHS email,(no more posting or faxing).
  • The form details the information the service expects the referrer to provide to accompany the referral e.g. copy of SEND Plan.

Once you have downloaded and completed your referral, please email your completed referral to:

As of 1 March 2022, we  will no longer be accepting postal copies. Please email the services directly for any queries/assistance.

We accept referrals from all professionals and require as much information as possible about the child's developmental level and academic progress.

  • For pre-school children, we would encourage the referral to be made by 0-19 universal service or the pre-school setting.
  • For children in school, we would request that the referral is made by the SENCO using our referral pack.

We would advise GPs and other health professionals that if parents contact them for referral to our service in regards to developmental concerns to request for the parent to liaise with educational setting to make the referral to us.

For GPs there will be no change and you will be able to continue to refer to our services via SystmOne.  Click here for more information - Electronic Referral

We DO NOT accept referrals for the following:

  • Mental health needs, anxiety, depression, self-harming, suicidal thoughts:
    Please refer to CHUMS or CAMHS
  • Isolated Selective Mutism:
    Please refer to the website SIMRA for information:
  • Growth concerns:
    Please refer to Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dyslexia:
    Please liaise with schools
  • Sensory Processing difficulties specifically:
    Please also see the online presentation and resources for information at
  • Young people aged 13+ for assessment for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder:
    Please refer to CAMHS 
  • Young people aged 17½ + for assessment for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder:
    Please refer to the Adult Autism Service 
  • Young people aged 17½ + with ADHD concerns:
    Please refer to GP
  • Musculoskeletal conditions causing pain or functional issues and isolated gross motor delay to be:
    Please refer to Physiotherapy 
  • Difficulties with functional skills not in line with general development and not primarily caused by sensory processing difficulties:
    Please refer to Occupational Therapy 
  • Speech/Language delay/difficulties:
    Please refer to Speech and Language Service
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