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Confirmation of Appointment

Once the referral has been accepted by the child development centre you will be placed on the waiting list for an assessment. You will be sent a letter stating this along with details of support that you can access while waiting for your appointment.

How to prepare for your appointment

Before your appointment it would be helpful to collect some updated information about your child's development and behaviour.  It may be sometime since the original referral so things may have changed and there may be new developments.

Click here to find the Tell Us Your Story form.  This form will help you as a parent/carer to put your thoughts in order as this will useful to you during the appointment.

Click here to find the All About Me form.  This form will help your child or young person to think about what they would like to talk about at the appointment if they would like to.

You can either complete these in advance and send them through or bring them with you.  Contact details can be found on your appointment letter.



When an appointment becomes available you will be contacted with an appointment date and a letter will be sent to confirm the appointment date, time and place and how long the appointment will be.

If you would like someone to attend with you as a support for you or your child or somebody who has observed particular behaviours that you have not (could be somebody from school or nursery) please let us know and we can make appropriate arrangements.

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How to use the Neurodiversity Support Pack

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