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What we have learnt and what are the next steps?

At the end of the assessment we should have a better idea of your child’s:

  • Strengths and needs
  • Behaviours and skills
  • Interests and difficulties

At your next appointment we can then discuss our understanding of your child's needs and whether they fit a pattern associated with the condition that we were assessing. Some children do not fulfil the criteria and if your child does not receive a diagnosis we will discuss the reasons with you and, if we can, give you another explanation for your child’s difficulties.

Either way we will provide information to help you find appropriate ongoing support and will give you recommendation for any specific issues you’re experiencing. Support and Resources are available here.

At this appointment, depending on age, you can decide if it is appropriate if your child is present during the feedback. You are also welcome to invite a member of staff from nursery/school if you think their support will be helpful.

This is one part of the journey with your child, and whatever the outcome maybe it is important to celebrate their strengths and positives of who they are. We have worked with children and young people and their families to celebrate their strengths and positives of who they are - click here.

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How to use the Diagnosis Support Pack

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