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What kinds of ADHD medications are available in the UK?Different types of medication

  • ADHD medications come as stimulants and non-stimulants.
  • Stimulant medications are available in 2 groups - Methylphenidate and Amphetamine
Stimulants and non-stimulants

Tell me more about stimulant and non-stimulant medications and do they come as tablet/capsule or liquid medicine?

Please see the tables below

How do I know which medication to start?

  • Stimulant medication is generally recommended to start as first choice for children and young people with ADHD.
  • Non-stmulant medication is the 2nd choice if the stimulants do not work, not suitable and/or cause significant side effects
Methylphenidate Group
Amfetamine Group


Non-stimulant medications

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