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Making healthy choices

Your body belongs to you and as you move towards adulthood you have more responsibility in taking good care of it. This includes looking after your physical, emotional and mental health.

It is important you understand what choices you can make which are considered ‘healthy.’

What you can do to help

A healthy balance around the food you eat is recognised as an important part of overall health including prevention of several disease processes such as; diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer (World Health Organisation, 2021). 

We should all aim to eat around 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, more information around portion size and maintaining a healthy weight can be found below. 

You may also be starting to take an interest in preparing your own food or helping with food shopping and cooking. There are some easy and low cost meal suggestions in the links below and more information about kitchen safety including food hygiene.

If you are concerned about your weight or have worries around eating you can speak to a member of our team for more advice.

It is also really important to maintain good hydration (water intake) to make sure your body can function properly and you can learn more about this, including different types of drinks in the links below. As a guide we should be aiming for around 6-8 cups or classes of fluid each day (1600-2000ml). 

You might be tempted to purchase energy drinks but these can have some unpleasant side-effects, learn more about this here: Health for Teens - energy drinks the facts.

Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and can help with physical fitness, sleep, mood, stress and mental health.

You should try to take part in a healthy amount of physical activity, such as sport and moving around. This can include formal exercise like going to the gym, playing football or dance classes, but can also be walking, running, riding a bike or work in the home or garden. See the Health for Teens guidance on exercise and how much physical activity you should try to have each day.

Treating your body well also includes things like:

Socialising and spending time with friends (GR4C)

  • Click here for more details:

Think about the things you enjoy doing and how they make you feel and try to set time aside to do these activities. Stay connected with friends and family and talk to the people you trust about your thoughts and feelings - check out the NHS UK - Five steps to mental wellbeing.

If you feel you don’t have someone to talk to or are worried about your general health and how to make the right choices, you can contact us at our dedicated, confidential messaging service ‘Chathealth’ to speak to a school nurse or explore the links below for more information.

Who can help?

For more advice on making healthy choices or advice about socialising please speak to one of our team. You can Call Us on 0300 029 50 50 or Text Us on 07520 649887 to start a conversation. **Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm excluding bank holidays**

Older children (aged 11-19) can ask advice from a school nurse by texting our confidential ChatHealth service on 07480 635 443.

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