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Every month, our panel will choose one member of staff or a team as the ‘shine a light’ award winner.  

Teams will be presented with a voucher for £50 and individual winner's will receive £25.  We will also promote their story through our website and newsletters, along with a summary of everyone that was nominated.
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This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.  


Please find a list of previous winners below.

Katy Haak, Children's Physiotherapist, CYP Physiotherapy/Peacock Centre - November Winner

by Sarah Turner | Nov 29, 2018
Katy Haak

This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff or a team for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.

The winner for November 2018 is:

Katy Haak, Children's Physiotherapist, CYP Physiotherapy/Peacock Centre

Katy was nominated by Jacqui Taylor for supporting one of her patients, Jacob, who has Cerebral Palsy and underwent major orthopaedic surgery in April 2018. Jacob had bony surgery and multiple muscle lengthening/transfers to allow him to walk with his feet facing forwards and in a more upright position. In May 2018, he started rehabilitation and was extremely anxious, in pain and scared/refused to take any weight on his legs. His parents were understandably very worried and wondered whether he’d ever walk again.

Jacqui said: “Katy worked tirelessly with Jacob through some very challenging and distressing sessions three times a week. She remained calm and reassuring, thinking of new ideas for distraction, motivation and interest, offering support for Jacob and his parents when anxiety levels were very high. On 3 August, Katy's perseverance was rewarded when a beaming, relaxed Jacob walked independently into his therapy session! Since then he’s continued to go from strength to strength and is now thriving at secondary school.

“As clinical lead for the service, I’m proud of all the work the therapists/therapy assistants in the team do on a daily basis and would give them all an award. However this piece of work is of note as this is the first time Katy’s ever been involved in this kind of intensive post-operative rehabilitation and she was learning alongside the family. These excellent results were achieved in a short space of time which is a credit to the excellent, trusting relationship she built with Jacob and his family.”

Jacob's mum supported Katy’s nomination too and said: “We think Katy deserves to win because she’s worked so hard helping to get Jacob mobile again following his surgery. Even during the most challenging sessions, Katy’s remained calm and has managed to keep smiling!”

Huge congratulations to Katy!

Also nominated this month:

Adult Admin Support Team – Luton Adults

The Adult Support Team were nominated by Linda Sharkey and the teams at The Poynt. Linda said: “In memory of our colleague Justine Towle, the team organised a raffle and collection on behalf of NOAH, the local organisation in Luton that cares for the homeless. They collected boxes of toiletries from teams, wrapped them as Christmas gifts, collected over 30 raffle prizes and sold £320 worth of tickets, 1600 in total. They also collected warm clothing, sleeping bags and made arrangements for NOAH to collect these items.

“The team were tireless in their aim to ensure local people without a home this winter have something to brighten their day and very much deserve a Shine a Light award for showing their respect, ambition, caring and compassionate approach to their community and being the role models the Trust and local team are very proud of.”

The team were led by Sharon Kiff and comprised of Angela Curtis, Belinda Smith, Nora Donohoe, Mel Stafford, Leah Brown, Phoebe Edwards, Diana Merry, Carly Anderson, Kiran Shahzadi and Zoe Brown.

Mary Rose Ekstrom, Clinical Lead - Emergency Dental Service, Cambridge

Mary was nominated by a frightened patient who said: “This fabulous lady immediately set about trying to reassure me. She took her time with me and I didn't feel I was being rushed in and out to make way for the next patient. I needed to have a tooth extracted and the whole team I came into contact with at Brookfield’s Health Centre were wonderful, from receptionists through to nurses and assistants.”

Trudy Stocker, Dental Nurse - Dental HealthCare Peterborough

Trudy was nominated by Nicola Jeffrey who said: “Trudy’s gone above and beyond her role to ensure we have a safe environment to work in for our service users and patients. We’ve been in the unfortunate position of having to close our decontamination area due to an undetected water leak which caused significant damage to both the decontamination area and the adjacent surgery. The result of this to our service is significant; it could have meant we were unable to run a service at all.

“Trudy’s been operational in project managing and acting as a liaison point between our builders, contractors and Estates team and not least myself. She’s continually updated me on what the present position is and has acted as my "number 2" without prompt in my absence. Without Trudy being on the ground managing the risk it could have resulted in financial pressure to the Trust and patient dissatisfaction in terms of relocating both staff and patients to other locations. I’m pleased to report that the refurbishment of our decontamination room hasn’t resulted in any disruption to our service users and has run extremely smoothly. Thank you Trudy, I can't tell you how grateful I am for the support, initiative and driving force you have provided throughout this significant challenge.”

Sue Thurling, Admin Assistant - iCaSH Suffolk, Regent Road Clinic

Sue was nominated by Julie Steele who said: “Whenever I phone the clinic at Regent Road in Lowestoft and Sue answers the phone, her cheery disposition just makes my day. She’s so professional but jolly you can't help but smile.

“I’ve received several comments about Sue from colleagues recently and we all agree Sue's positivity and chirpiness should be recognised and bottled, if possible! She greets patients and staff alike which must put anxious patients at ease to be greeted in such a way.

“Sue always takes the time to ask how patients are and what she can do to help them and supports the clinical staff in any way she can. I truly think Sue deserves to be a "Shine a Light" winner as she’s a real ray of sunshine that brightens everyone's day!”

Deborah Cowling, 0-19 HCP Team Manager - Mill House, Brookfields, Cambridge

Deborah was nominated by Mary Smith who said: “Debbie’s managed our team for around a year and in this time I feel she’s been an excellent manager. She balances a level of trust in her staff with a level of giving us direction when needed, and is very good at giving practical suggestions which improve both patient and staff experience.

“Debbie’s especially good at containing staff who are feeling overwhelmed and overworked and making our team feel supported and respected. I think this is of significant importance to our team and helps us to function well. She treats us as the individuals we are and this is recognised and appreciated by myself and I believe the team I work in.

“I believe Debbie plays a significant role in retaining staff members and she has a unique skill in helping staff to feel positive about change. She’s also client-focused, and ensures the best care is provided. I’d really like to see her recognised for the contribution she makes.”

School Nursing Team (Chathealth) - Jen Wagner, Gina Bishop, Pauline Stallabrass, Sarah Murfitt, Tess Bakewell and Sam Arts – Oak Tree Centre, Hunts

The school nursing team was nominated by Linda Flack who said: “I’d like to nominate the 5-19 Team for working hard and responding to and supporting young people through the ChatHealth texting service, where they’re able to speak with a school nurse in confidence and anonymously.

“Since promotional activities began in February this year, the 5-19 Team have had over 200 conversations with young people regarding a variety of health-related concerns including emotional wellbeing, onward referral and signposting to other services.

“The team visit schools and provide information to our partner agencies to inform and remind young people about the service and ensure they know how to access support when needed. The positive feedback we’ve received both from young people and schools shows that ChatHealth is a valued route for accessing support and help.”

The following feedback was received from a school: “The team were very proactive in their approach engaging students and supplying goodies to positively promote the service. I too learned of the services freely available to our young people.

“Congratulations to the service – I think this is a very valuable asset to have and use to support and promote positive mental health and wellbeing in school for our young people”.

Christina Harte, Nurse on Holly Ward, Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Christina was nominated by a patient who said: “Thank you Christina for making our stay on Holly Ward easier and making Lewis smile!”

Fay Wetzel, Nurse on Holly Ward, Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Fay was nominated by a patient who said: “Thank you Fay for standing up when something was said wrongly and helping us through our stay on the Holly Ward.”

Huge congratulations to everyone nominated this month.



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