How to manage a temperature at home


When babies and children are poorly they often have a high temperature (sometimes called a fever). Below is an animation on how to take your child's temperature.




What you can do

Dress your baby or young child in their normal clothing or nightwear whilst they are feeling poorly, as this will be the most comfortable for them. Being either undressed or wrapped up in blankets can make babies and young children feel too cold or too hot, and they may not be able to tell you this.

Have a look at our animation to see what you can do to help to bring a high temperature down at home.

Some minor illness such as coughs, colds, or tummy upsets can spread from one person to another very easily but there are some simple things that you can do to reduce the risk of this happening.

Click here for more information about how to stop germs from spreading. 


Who can help?

In an emergency, call 999 for an ambulance or go to your nearest A&E department.

If you are not sure whether your child is seriously unwell, call 111 or your GP for advice.

For non-urgent advice, you can text a Bedfordshire Community Services health visitor on Parentline, 07507 331456.


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