#FreeToFeed: a breastfeeding awareness campaign

All women and their children should be free to breastfeed in public, anytime, anywhere.

#FreeToFeed - Square Sticker (150 x 150mm) - June 2019

This is the vision of the #FreeToFeed campaign, launched in July 2019 to support mothers across Luton and Bedfordshire to raise their confidence and understanding among the public, businesses and venues.

Breastfeeding has amazing health benefits for both mother and child, but not every mum who wants to breastfeed has the support they need to do so. Let mums from across Luton and Bedfordshire explain why breastfeeding is important to them, and why all mums should be free to feed in public in our first campaign video:


What can I do to support the campaign?

Thank you for wanting to get involved! Normalising breastfeeding in public is something we can all help with through conversation and support. Our campaign guides are a great place to start:

Check out our guide for mums who want to build their confidence when breastfeeding in public. 

Check out our guide for mums who want to support other breastfeeding mums. 

See below for how to support as social media or as a business or venue. 

Support on social media

Looking to support the campaign on social media?

Share your breastfeeding story or support for mums using #FreeToFeed, follow the campaign organisers for updates below or download our social media guide for example posts and links to shareable photos and more. 


Twitter: Luton Community Services, Flying Start Luton

Facebook: Luton Community Services, Flying Start Luton

Instagram: Luton Community Services, Flying Start Luton


Twitter: Bedfordshire Community Services

Facebook: Bedfordshire Community Services

Support as a business or venue

Breastfeeding can be challenging for mothers, and doing it in public can make mothers anxious. In order to help babies reap the many health benefits of breastfeeding, it’s essential that businesses support mothers, and this can be done in many ways. It is also your legal obligation as a business to support a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. 

From making it clear that your business or venue is breastfeeding friendly with a sticker like the one below, to training your staff, there's plenty of actions you can take to support mothers who choose to breastfeed.

To find out more, download our campaign guide for businesses and venues, or drop us an email with your contact details to ccs.communications@nhs.net to order 'self cling 150 x 150mm' window stickers, A3, A4 or A5 posters - see below.  (please indicate quantities of each you require).

Check out the businesses onboard so far 

A4 Poster - Design 1  A4 Poster - Design 2   A4 Poster - Design 3
 A4 Poster - Design 4  A4 Poster - Design 5  A4 Poster - Design 6
 A4 Poster - Design 7  A4 Poster - Design 8  A4 Poster - Design 9
 A4 Poster - Design 10  Square Sticker (150 x 150mm) - June 2019  

Share your breastfeeding stories

Sharing stories can help other mothers feel more confident about breastfeeding out and about, so feel free to add your voice to the campaign and tag us with #FreeToFeed on social media. 


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