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Dental health

Tooth brushing and dental care can be challenging in autism for the following reasons:

  • Sensory issues with toothbrush, toothpaste, visiting the dentist
  • Invasion of personal space (by parents helping with toothbrushing or by dentist looking in the mouth) 
  • Lack of understanding of the importance of tooth brushing

For these reasons children with any developmental condition are at increased risk of dental caries. If you are having trouble with tooth brushing at home talk to a professional about it. Sometimes simple adjustments such as a different flavour or unflavoured toothpaste can make a difference, and there are specific dental services for children and adults with additional needs who have a lot of experience of caring for children with autism; your family dentist can refer you to this service. Ask your family dentist about fluoride paint for your child’s teeth as well.

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