Community Paediatrics

The service is provided by teams led by Consultant Community Paediatricians who work in partnership with Community Children’s Nurses, Therapists and other Agencies.

Our patient information leaflet outlining the services at Redgrave Gardens can be found here

What problems do we assess children/young people for?

  1. Complex developmental difficulties (affecting more than one area of development).
  2. Neurodisability or medical condition causing developmental disorder or delay e.g. Cerebral palsy.
  3. Children aged over 5 years with suspected Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for assessment, diagnosis and on-going medication review.
  4. Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), providing a diagnostic service for suspected ASD. Following assessment, we signpost to support services within the community.
  5. Children requiring investigation for possible medical causes of a learning disability where the learning disability has been identified by education services.
  6. Children aged 7 or more experiencing nocturnal enuresis
  7. Encopresis- Children requiring specialist Tier 3 intervention for soiling after being assessed and treated by Primary Care (GP), Community Nurse led Continence Service and Secondary Care (Hospital) with persistent symptoms for more than 6 months.
  8. GP is recommended to treat constipation and Urinary Tract Infection (  UTI ) if present prior to referring to Enuresis clinic.

We also provide the following services: 

  1. Medical advice in relation to children with Special Educational Needs
  2. Looked After Children (LAC) health assessments - for further information click here
  3. Children requiring child protection medical assessment should be requested by the Social Worker (Section 47 medical) using the designated electronic referral form/process

Community Paediatrics

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