Better Together

Better Together is an exciting programme being led by Luton Clinical Commissioning Group and Luton Borough Council to improve the health and wellbeing of Luton’s residents of all ages. 

The aim of the programme is to ensure that collectively health and social care services in Luton are better co-ordinated with more integrated joint working and planning.    You can find out more here.

How are we involved in Better Together

As the Co-ordinating Provider Organisation for At Home First services, we are responsible for working with partners to deliver :

  • Integrated Rapid Response services
  • Intensive Case Management 

You can find out more about these At Home First services by clicking here.

Why is the Better Together programme  important?
Luton has a history of joint working but it faces significant challenges from a growing, ageing and diverse population and the tightening of health and social care budgets. The programme is transforming the way community services in Luton are developed and delivered so that they can meet these challenges.

Click here to read about our Leadership Collaborative.

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