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Speech and Language Therapist

The speech and language therapist is employed by the NHS and is based in clinics as well as working in education settings.
The speech and language therapist works with children to assess their speech, language and communication difficulties.
The speech and language therapist:
  • Assesses speech, language and communication skills, investigating the possible reasons for any difficulties
  • Liaises with parents and other professionals on how the child's strengths and difficulties will affect learning experiences and the implications for the curriculum.
  • Provides intervention to support all aspects of speech and language, including attention, listening, ways in which children understand and use language and the sounds they can make.
  • Advises and monitors programmes and strategies, as discussed and planned with the teacher, on appropriate communication to access the curriculum.
  • Discusses activities to support speech, language and communication development at home with parents/carers
  • Participates in joint planning and contributes to the Individual Education Plan IEP.
  • Provides information for statutory assessment.
  • Submits reports for the annual review process.
  • Liaises with parents/carers and with other professionals.


Speech and Language Therapy Assistants

The speech and language therapy assistants (SLTA) are integral members of the team.

They work under the direction of the speech and language therapist, supporting all aspects of service delivery - providing speech and language therapy to individuals and small groups, delivering training, making resources, carrying out administrative tasks etc.

They receive internal training applicable to their specific role.

You may meet our assistants in schools, clinics and other education settings.

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