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Classroom management and the IEP

Integrating speech and language targets into the curriculum and the Individual Education Plan.

Language is an integral part of learning, so the emphasis for developing a child's language will be on classroom management, teaching strategies and how children learn. It is important to remember that strategies for individual children are dependent for their strength and success on those used for the whole class or group of children.

Attention and Listening 

  • The ability to listen and attend to a stimulus and to sustain and control the attention focus
  • Listening - helping children to listen in the classroom
  • Memory - the role of memory in language development.
  • Supporting Memory skills - Some strategies for supporting memory in the classroom

Receptive Language 

  • Understanding includes the processing and interpreting of spoken language.
  • Understanding 
  • Vocab/concepts
  • Sequencing

Expressive Language (Spoken language)

  • Using words, phrases and sentences to express ideas meaningfully.
  • Talking
  • Use of Grammar -developing the use of grammar.


  • Producing and using a full range of sounds to signal differences between words and differences in meaning. This includes speaking fluently, use of the voice as well as speaking intelligibly in conversation and listening for sounds and words.
  • Speech difficulties.
  • Phonological awareness -helping children to discriminate between sounds.

Interaction Skills

  • The non-verbal aspects of language such as facial expression, eye contact, body language and tone of voice that help to put a message across effectively. This includes rules of social interaction anad subtle use of language.
  • Conversational skills.
  • Language and social skills

The Individual Education Plan leaflet from the Parent Partnership Service - Cambridgeshire County Council.

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