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At Special School

Speech and language therapy, along with physiotherapy and Occupational therapy are available, following referral, to see children attending Special Schools. The therapists work together as a multi-disciplinary team with other professionals and support staff so that therapy aims are included in the daily curriculum for the child.

We support the school to have a total communication policy which includes the use of:

  • Spoken language
  • Makaton signing
  • Use of photos or picture symbols
  • Use of voice output communication aids
The speech and language therapists intervention with a child may include:
  • Assessment
  • Observations
  • Diagnosis
  • Staff training
  • Advice
  • Writing and reviewing a classroom based programme
  • Episodes of individual or small group therapy to achieve specific targets
We may work on the following areas:
  •  Understanding of language
  •  Expressive communication
  •  Speech sounds
  •  Fluency
  •  Social communication
  •  Eating and drinking difficulties
Therapy is guided by the 'Speech and language descriptors for complex needs document'
Speech and language therapists liaise with parents in various ways. This may include email, telephone contact, meetings at school and occasional home visits.
A report is written each year for the annual statement review including targets. The targets are then updated as appropriate.
Speech and language therapists do not routinely attend the annual review but offer contact following the review should a parent/carer wish for further information or clarification.
Children's speech and language therapy episodes of care are closed after discussion with parents and school staff when:
  • Speech and language skills are in line with other skills
  • Speech and language objectives described in the statement are met
  • No new achievable targets can be set
  • The development of communication skills can be well supported by the specialist supportive classroom curriculum.
  • When a stable, safe pattern of oral or non-oral feeding is established.

Children can be re-referred for a new episode of care, at any time should the situation change and a new assessment is required.
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