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Attention and Listening

Some Ideas for Activities for developing listening and attention at school.
  1. Make up a story that contains the names of the children in your class. When they hear their name they have to let you know by putting up their hand.
  2. In PE have a drum (or other noisemaker). The children have to move quickly, slowly depending on at what speed you are banging it. Once you stop banging the drum they have to stop also.
  3. Again in PE you could put a picture on each wall and the children have to run to one of the pictures when you say its name.
  4. Musical Statues is also a good game to encourage listening.
  5. Play fruit salad. Each person chooses a fruit (you can give each child a picture if necessary). The person in the middle calls out two fruits that have to change places. If the person in the middle calls out fruit salad everybody has to change seats.
  6. For a quieter game play Chinese Whispers. Each player has a turn at thinking of a message. This is whispered around the group and the final person has to say what they heard and compare this to the original message. 
  7. ‘Look Hear’ is a good resource from LDA. This consists of a tape and pictures. Children identify which sound goes with which pictures. 
  8. Draw a simple picture or shape and then describe it a bit at a time for children to draw. See how similar your pictures are.
Some other games that are good for listening also need reasonable language, auditory memory and sequencing skills. 
  1. Say a list of four words (e.g. cat, shoe, dog, rabbit) for the children to listen to and say which is the odd one out.
  2. Ask the children to listen and either draw or colour specific things e.g. draw a line under the house.
Keep reminding the child or children about good listening and looking.

Primary and Secondary Schools - Attention and Listening

  • Helping Children to Listen in the Classroom - Primary School

  • Helping Children to Listen in the Classroom - Secondary School

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