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Expressive Language

Expressive Language

  • Making Language Fun

  • Lots of Repetition

  • Try to be consistent

  • Encouraging Naming

  • Provide a Good Example

  • Reinforcement and Praise

  • Giving a little more information

  • Questions V Comments

  • Choices

  • Use of Gesture

  • Encouraging use of Verbs (action words)

  • 'Gone', 'All Gone', and 'Bye, Bye'

  • Encourage the use of "more"

  • Encourage your child to say 'Go'

  • Encourage the use of 'Up' and 'Down'

  • Favourite Pictures

  • Favourite Nursing Rhymes

  • Putting words together

  • Sentence Closure

  • Books


Supporting Documents  

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Ways to nurture language developmentPDF10.75 KB08 Jul, 2015 Download
Verbal ReasoningPDF24.95 KB08 Jul, 2015 Download
Teaching Verbs (action words)PDF27.40 KB08 Jul, 2015 Download
Information Carrying WordsPDF18.84 KB08 Jul, 2015 Download
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