Children's Occupational Therapy

Children and young people aged 0-16 (19 years old if attending a special school) receive an integrated health and social care occupational therapy service.

The service provides assessment and treatment of children individually and in groups including interventions in the following areas:
  • Motor skills, fine motor skills including handwriting, visual perceptual skills, sensory skills and sensory processing.
  • Facilitating independence in self care eg. Dressing, washing and mealtimes 
  • Advice on adapted/specialist toys and play 
  • Consultation and advice on minor modifications and building adaptations at home and school
  • Assessment for specialist equipment

The aim of the service is to improve opportunities for children by: 

  • Supporting the integration and inclusion of children and their families within the environments they move between eg home, school and social facilities through the provision of specialist equipment and adaptation of buildings 
  • Increasing independence 
  • Encouraging developmental progress and the acquisition of skills 
  • Facilitating access to the education curriculum 
  • Supporting and improving hospital discharge arrangements

The service is provided from: 

  • Special Needs Schools
  • The Child Development Centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • The Peacock Centre, Cambridge
  • The Horsefair Clinic, Wisbech
  • The Oaktree Centre, Huntingdon

The majority of referrals are from medical staff although some referrals are received from school staff, other health professionals, social care staff and occasionally parents.
For further information contact telephone the Occupational Therapy Services on 01223 218065.


Children's Occupational Therapy Leaflets  

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Hemiplegia Handout (April 2018)PDF1.70 MB09 Apr, 2018 Download
Symptomatic HypermobilityPDF372.33 KB27 Nov, 2015 Download
Children’s Occupational Therapy Referral form (April 2018)DOCX159.91 KB27 Mar, 2018 Download
Occupational Therapy - Guide for Referrers (April 2018)PDF484.82 KB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0045 - Children's OT Service PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0046 - Goal Setting and Grading of Activities PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0047 - Disabled Children's Equipment Provision PDF1.10 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0048 - Seeing Your Occupational Therapist PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0050 - Balance Skills PDF1.07 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0051 - Body Scheme Body AwarenessPDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0052 - Fine Motor Skills PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0053 - In-Hand Manipulation Skills PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0054 - Pelvic (Hip) Girdle Stability PDF1.22 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0055 - Shoulder Girdle Stability PDF1.16 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0056 - Traffic Light System PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0082 - Childrens Therapy - Service Provision for Special SchoolsPDF1.13 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0226 - Housing Options for Families with Disabled Children PDF1.09 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0279 - Pelvic (Hip) Girdle Exercise SheetPDF1.09 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0537 - Useful advice for managing fatigue (May 2018)PDF1.10 MB15 May, 2018 Download
0357 - Creating a Fidget BagPDF1.09 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download

Sensory Strategy Leaflets

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
0071 - Sensory Strategies - DressingPDF1.28 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0072 - Sensory Strategies - Eating PDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0073 - Sensory Strategies - GroomingPDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0074 - Sensory Strategies - Hair Brushing PDF1.07 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0077 - Sensory Strategies - PlayPDF1.24 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0078 - Sensory Strategies - Teeth BrushingPDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0079 - Sensory Strategies - Toilet TrainingPDF1.08 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0080 - Sensory Strategies - Washing PDF1.07 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0081 - Sensory Strategies - What Is A Sensory Diet PDF1.14 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0216 - Sensory Strategies - Calming and AlertingPDF803.32 KB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0218 - Sensory Circuits - Info for teachers PDF1000.32 KB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0257 - Sensory Circuits - In Class PDF1.19 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0263 - Sensory Circuits - Sensory Motor Tools for the Classroom PDF2.01 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0347 - Creating a Sensory Bag PDF1.09 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
0357 - Creating a Fidget BagPDF1.09 MB27 Mar, 2018 Download
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