Children's Community Nursing Team

The service aims to provide direct nursing care to children and young people from birth to 18 years of age (19 if in full time special education) in their own homes.  Family and parental support, including teaching of specific care required to maintain the child at home wherever it is safe to do so is also provided.

This service is made up of the following teams:

  • The Acute and Diana team covers Cambridge City, South Cambs, East and Huntingdonshire

Services provided include:

  • avoidance of hospital admission wherever possible
  • early discharge from hospital through intravenous medication
  • wound care/dressings, oxygen therapy, care for complex health needs
  • palliative and terminal nursing care
  • chronic disease management including enteral feeding and gastrostomy, tracheostomy, assisted ventilation
  • specialist occupational therapy support for children with life threatening/limiting illness 
  • specialist play input to enable children to manage their fears about their illness and provide pre- and post-bereavement support to siblings.
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