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Moving to Secondary Schools

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Information for Parents and Young People

Moving up to Secondary School is an important stage in your school journey.  It is an exciting time but can also cause some young people and their parents to have some worries and concerns.

During Year 6 you may wish to request support from our Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 5-19 team to help you with your move from primary to secondary school.

Moving to Secondary School

  • Animations

  • Who are the HCP 5-19 team?

  • How to get in touch with us

  • The role of the 5-19 team and the Healthy Child Programme (HCP)

  • What support / advice does the 5-19 team provide?

  • Information for Parents

  • Does your child have any health problems / disabilities?

  • Is your child taking any medication?

  • Are your child's immunisations up to date?

  • Does your child need any specialist health / hospital appointments?

  • Do you or your child have any concerns about their mood or sleep pattern?

  • Are you or your child concerned about their behaviour?

  • Does your child wet the bed?

  • Are you or your child concerned about their diet, growth, height or weight?

  • Does your child carry out any caring duties in the home?

  • Are you concerned that your child may be smoking cigarettes?

  • Confidentiality and Consent

  • Health Assessments

  • Further Information

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