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It is really important to keep ourselves as physically healthy as possible after a brain injury. This applies to people who are supporting us too! The resources below are full of hints and tips on a range of subjects from physical health to general support organisations.


Although we take every care only to provide the very best resources to our clients and families, we cannot take any responsibility for any difficulties stemming from the use of any of the websites, materials, apps, software etc. offered by third parties. Sometimes links or resources become dated and although we do our best to keep checking that information on these pages are accurate and up to date, we rely on our clients and families to:

  • Let us know if anything is out of date or unhelpful
  • Make us aware of additional resources not yet listed here

Please therefore feel free to get in touch via  or 01353 652165 to let us know more about any other resources clients and families like you may benefit from.       

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PsychologicalWellbeingPDF414.16 KB29 Jul, 2020 Download
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PracticalAdviceSupportPDF144.68 KB29 Jul, 2020 Download
PhysicalWellBeingPDF147.58 KB29 Jul, 2020 Download
ThinkingSkillsPDF147.76 KB29 Jul, 2020 Download
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