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Holistic neuropsychological programme 

The holistic neuropsychological programme is based on comprehensive assessments of clients’ needs and goals. 

Our approach is described in the ground-breaking and influential book 'Neuropsychological Rehabilitation' (Wilson, et al., 2009). Whilst the approach remains unchanged, the programme continues to be adapted to ensure that it remains a leading holistic rehabilitation programme. 

The programme comprises an intensive and an integration phase. The holistic programme offers a combination of group and individual sessions. Family, friends and carers are involved throughout the programme. 

Intensive Phase (Weeks 1-5)
Clients attend the programme for four days a week. This phase establishes a safe therapeutic environment and develops clients’ understanding and awareness of their brain injury. Clients are introduced to strategies to overcome difficulties with attention and memory, executive functions (e.g. planning), communication and mood.  

Integration Phase 
Clients attend the programme for a further period based on their needs and rehabilitation goals, and focus on applying their strategies to their everyday lives. 

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