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Family and couples clinic

Before starting

There is no separate assessment for this therapy. We will invite you and those close to you to an initial consultation. The initial consultation will involve completing outcome measures, which is a way of evaluating whether the therapy has been useful to you. These are repeated when therapy ends. The session will last for about an hour and will help you and the therapist to begin to think about your difficulties and what you would hope to get out of therapy (goals).  Everyone who comes will be able to share their own concerns and how these are affecting their lives. 

We are able to offer sessions both in person and online, via preferred video conferencing platforms. 

Confidentiality and records

Before starting therapy we will ask for your consent to share key information with your GP and other NHS professionals involved in your care. If you are concerned, do check with your therapist exactly what information will be passed on to others.

We do keep records and although you can ask that information is kept entirely confidential, the exception to this may be when we think you or others could be at risk of harm.

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