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Children's Continence Service
Children's Continence Service, Children’s continence clinics What we do The children’s continence clinic is for children and young people who have continued difficulties with continence issues such as but not limited to; constipation, day time wetting, night time wetting, who have already had support from the 0-19 team but need further assessment. The children’s continence care, - If needed, a referral can then be made to see a specialised continence champion advisor, for any
Continence Management Workshop
Continence Management Workshop, Menu Continence management workshop This page has a series of online learning sessions that have been specifically created to support families and professionals learn about continence management. Please take your time to watch through each session. Online learning sessions with the team Please click on the videos and session tabs to work through the different sections of the learning. You
0397 - Continence and Austism - Oct 2015
0397 - Continence and Austism - Oct 2015, Turner-Paediatric Continence Advisor PromoCon 0397 - October 2015 (V1) October 2015 October 2018 Continence and Autism Special Needs School Nursing Service (Cambridgeshire) Many techniques used, ’ · DLA – note down difficulties on form Where to get support · Local Continence Team or School, transferring knowledge · Bedwetting and/or day wetting Before you start a toileting/continence programme
0066 - Supply of Continence Products for Children and Young People (Oct 19)
0066 - Supply of Continence Products for Children and Young People (Oct 19), ’s health services Supply of Continence Products for Supply of Continence Products for Supply of Continence Products for Supply of Continence Products for Children and Young People Children and Young People Children and Young People Children and Young People Continence products (nappies, to: • identify if your child has the potential to achieve some independence and control of their continence, and you would like some advice around continence, please contact the School Nursing Team Manager
Visiting services
. This clinic is held every week on a Tuesday, held jointly with the physiotherapists. Continence (bowel clinic) Special needs continence clinic and nurse led bowel clinic is held every Tuesday and Friday. Other dates are brought in as needed. See our continence service page for more information, Continence ServiceEye ServiceLooked After ChildrenOccupational TherapyOral Health ImprovementSpeech
0539 - Children with Additional Needs
 Children’s Services with Additional Needs Continence Service Union Street Bedford MK40 2SF Tel: 01234 310879 Email: Information and guidance can be found at:  ERIC Helpline 0845 370 8008  Bladder & Bowel UK 0161 607 8200  NHS Choices  NICE 0539 - V1.2 (Jan 2020) May, Children’s Continence Clinic Here to help… Children with Additional Needs Continence Clinics are held
The Peacock Centre
Menu The Peacock Centre Brookfields Campus Mill Road Cambridge CB1 3DF Tel: 01223 218060 Services provided at the Centre Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy Occupational Therapy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Audiology Continence Community Paediatrics Community Nursing (community based) Early Support (office based services) Special Needs School Nursing (school
0559 - Enuresis Alarm Simple Measures
Carefree Enuresis Alarm - Simple Measures Children’s Continence Clinic Please ensure that you continue, free to contact the Continence Clinic at any time. Further information and advice for both children
0561 - Simple Measures - Child is now Dry at Night
Carefree Simple Measures - Your Child is now Dry at Night Children’s Continence Clinic Your child, -esteem and help to support continued continence
0540 - Simple Measures
Simple Measures Children’s Continence Clinic All children aim to drink at least the following, the bladder causing more difficulties for children with continence problems. Regular use
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