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Characteristics of Autism
behaviour / stimming Special interests Sensory issues When they are born, most babies seem, the behaviour pleasurable. To get the sensory experience Provokes a reaction from, sometimes processes sensory information differently to those without ASD. Everybody is different, . Sometimes these different sensory perceptions can cause discomfort, distress, anxiety, fear or confusion, to reduce the amount of sensory stimuli (sensory avoiding). In cases where the senses do not register
Talking about a diagnosis
who has a diagnosis. Sensory: Sensory Processing Awareness Training - Information on sensory processing and its role in your child’s everyday life.from the Beds Community Health Services Occupational Therapy Service Sensory Differences - a guide for all audiences- Information from the NAS Understanding behaviour-Sensory Sensitivities - Australian Parenting website Centre for Autism - Middletown - Sensory Processing Resource site (based in Ireland) Anxiety self-esteem
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
problems. Managing sleep problems. Understanding sensory problems Please select the language you, Managing sensory problems, and communication difficulties Managing sensory problems, problems Managing sensory problems, behavioural problems Managing sensory problems https
Introduction to Autism Online Learning
2 at 8:58 RESOURCE 4 – Autism and sensory sensitivity From Session 3 at 3:05, ://'s-occupational-therapy/sensory-differences, families, understand Autism, social communication difficulties, Autism video, help, interaction, sensory processing, social stories, visual support, Austism and sensory sensitivity, useful website, how
Dental health
Menu Dental health Tooth brushing and dental care can be challenging in autism for the following reasons: Sensory issues with toothbrush, toothpaste, visiting the dentist Invasion of personal space (by parents helping with toothbrushing or by dentist looking in the mouth) Lack, communication, rigidity of thinking, difficulty with social communication, imagination, sensory issues
Printable Resources and Video Links, Rap This is me - Young Voices of Luton Sensory Processing Needs How to use the Planning Wheel Planning Wheels Sensory Processing Awareness Training - Video Link Links, - Video Link Sensory Sensory Processing Awareness Training Sensory Differences - a guide for all audiences Understanding behaviour-Sensory Sensitivities Centre for Autism
Bedfordshire pop-in clinics
Services Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Awareness Training Sensory Processing
Working on behaviour
, e.g. if sensory issues are the cause of the unwanted behaviour. “Making sure my son is not hungry, . Issue Proactive measure Behaviour triggered by sensory stimuli such as noise, temperature changes Reduce sensory stimuli, make a quiet space, avoid supermarkets at busy times etc, Altering Environment, environement, environment, triggers, meltdowns, sensory issues, new, , sensory issues, Cambs, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Pboro Altering your child's environment
Exercise and Movement
’, with sensory walks these can help even if it’s just from the car or bus into school, What can you, ? Or wiggle your fingers? These sensory walks or breaks can be used at any time not just for school. Sensory Circuits from the national autistic society include different activities such as alerting, visit:, -developmental, ASD, Dyslexia, Developmental, PDRP, Post Diagnosis Resource Pack, Introduction, Sensory
Development of Pencil Grasps
: Hand Pain/Reduce Tension Wishbone grip Penagain Kush n Squish sensory grip Ridged comfort grip, Wishbone Grip Penagain Claw grip Sensory stimulation Kush n Squish sensory grip, Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Awareness Training Sensory Processing Awareness Training
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