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Every month, our panel will choose one member of staff or a team as the ‘shine a light’ award winner.  

Teams will be presented with a voucher for £50 and individual winner's will receive £25.  We will also promote their story through our website and newsletters, along with a summary of everyone that was nominated.
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This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.  


Please find a list of previous winners below.

June 2019 - Caroline Gibbs, Dental Receptionist, Huntingdon

by Kirstie Flack | Jun 27, 2019

This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff or a team for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.

The winner for June 2019 is:

Caroline Gibbs, Dental Receptionist, Huntingdon Dental Clinic, Hinchingbrooke Caroline Gibbs

Caroline was nominated by Joanne Cope, Lead Dental Nurse for being the heart of their team and being a very valued and respected colleague. Joanne said: “Caroline continues to give 100% and her care towards our patients is outstanding. I recently worked alongside Caroline late in the day when she received a call from a distressed lady hoping to arrange a home visit for her elderly, bedbound mum who has late stage Dementia. After taking the time to discuss with the daughter that it would be in mum’s best interest to attend the clinic where we could carry out the appropriate treatment to get her out of pain, Caroline proceeded to contact multi teams including the patient’s GP and Transport.

“Time was of no issue to Caroline and she stayed late. She successfully arranged an emergency stretcher ambulance for the following day and the lady was given the appropriate emergency dental treatment. Throughout this whole time she maintained contact with the daughter, who became increasingly distressed. Caroline showed respect and empathy towards her and became a listening ear. I truly believe Caroline went above and beyond her role on this occasion and really made a difference to the family.”

Wonderful care and dedication, huge congratulations Caroline!

Also nominated this month:

Karen Loft and Beverley Green, Catheter Nurses, Luton Adult Nursing

Karen and Beverley were nominated by Linda Sharkey after two gentlemen who were waiting for their appointments. gave her compelling stories about their pain and discomfort experienced before the Catheter Clinic was started by Beverley Green.  Both had multiple visits to A&E, frequent infections and a loss of privacy and dignity. Both were waiting for Karen Loft and explained that she and Beverley were amazing nurses who always were considerate, compassionate and at short notice help them if they have problems.

Linda said: “It’s always a pleasure to listen to patients talking about our teams but these two gentlemen were sincere and grateful that they now have their dignity back and their pain and discomfort has been reduced.”

Anita Swift, Safeguarding & LAC Team Admin Manager, Safeguarding Children, Oaktree Centre, Huntingdon

Anita was nominated by Steph Humby as the teams have been through some very challenging times over the past few years and Anita has competently steered her team through this and out the other end. Steph said: “Anita has been invaluable to the Acting Named Nurse and the rest of the team. Her tireless efforts and support inspire colleagues to pull together and this equates to a very loyal and constant admin team. Anita is an exceptional Manager and colleague.”

Sharon Butt and Emma Smith, 0-19 HCP Administrators, Duty Desk, Oaktree Centre

Sharon and Emma were nominated by Skyler Moulder for developing the role as administrators for the 5-19 Duty Desk. Skyler said: “Over the last few months they have overseen the amalgamation of the 0-19 Duty Desk. They have been an excellent pillar of knowledge and support for the 0-19 clinicians and administrators. They have gone above and beyond to ensure consistency in a turbulent time. They have always been supportive and I have seen them training new members of staff with empathy and kindness. The Duty Desk would have been at a loss without them both and we are so grateful to have their calm, knowledgeable presence during the upheaval. They have remained polite, kind and professional to everyone throughout. They have been particularly supportive to the 5-19 team and have been a real example of upholding trust values.”

Nicky Minnett, Finance Officer, The Meadows, St Ives

Nicky was nominated for Katie Good for recently supporting two staff within the iCaSH Peterborough team.  Katie said: “in both cases Nicky went over and above what was required in navigating their pay / P form related queries. For our new starter she additionally proactively contacted the member of staff just prior to pay day to ensure she knew how to access her pay slip. Nicky is always cheerful, happy to help and really made a positive impact on the experiences of these individuals.”

Julie Mutton, Community Phlebotomist, Luton Treatment Centre

Julie was nominated by Beverley Green who was working at Luton treatment centre on Tuesday 4th June running our catheterisation clinic and had an extra patient with a suspected urine infection in the afternoon. Beverly said: “By the time I had obtained the specimen I had missed the specimen collection service so it needed to be taken to the hospital. Julie was just going off duty but offered to take the specimen to the hospital for me on her way home. Although the hospital is in the general direction of her home she would not have had to go that route which is always very busy and congested at that time of the afternoon so I really appreciated her offer. When she got home she phoned me to confirm that the specimen had been handed in. This may only seem a small thing but it made a big difference to me that day - by the time I had seen the extra patient and completed a datix for another patient I finished work over an hour later than usual so if I had had to go to the hospital to drop off the specimen as well I would have been even later finishing.”

Becky Morris, Project Manager, Estates

Becky was nominated by Rob Freake for showing commitment, resilience and initiative in dealing with the many challenges involved with delivering the refurbishment works at Rowan Lodge, North Cambs Hospital. Rob said: “Becky maintains her good humour and stays positive even when things don't go to plan and her can do attitude is infectious, drawing colleagues, other staff, designers, contractors and suppliers together into a unit with a common ambition to deliver successfully.”

Angela Curtis, Diabetes Team Administration, Diabetes Team- Luton 

Angela was nominated by Rachel Kremer for always being so helpful. She was covering for another team member at the Poynt and helped Rachel resolve a complicated issue regarding a SystmOne card that was not working. Rachel said: “She is always very helpful when we have student nurse's on placement as she will allocate the student to be able to see all aspects of the diabetes service. Angela is so knowledgeable about all 'Luton' and CCS issues that if I do not know who to ask I often find that I will ask Angela and she never fails to help.” 

Luton Children's Community Nursing, The Poynt, Luton

The team were nominated by Lesley Innes, as they are the only team in the country that deliver a life-saving transfusion to a child in his own home. Lesley said: “The team's unique intervention means that 14-year-old Ibrahim Mahmood can live a near normal life thanks to transfusion of human blood plasma, Octaplas, which he receives four times a week.

“Ibrahim suffers from a rare factor 5 deficiency which means that a specific protein is missing from his blood so that injured blood vessels cannot heal in the usual way. Without transfusions, Ibrahim could bleed excessively if he injured himself putting his life at risk. The nursing team fits in the transfusions around Ibrahim's busy life. On school days he receives the transfusions after school and in the school holidays they visit him at the start of the day so that he is free to enjoy the rest of his break. The nurses have even worked round Ibrahim's routine to allow him to travel to several European countries to enjoy family holidays. This means they have to give him his transfusion early in the morning before his flight and then be ready to go to his home 48 hours later as soon as he returns to give him the next transfusion.

“The nurses' support for Ibrahim has extended beyond his medical treatment. They have helped with his transition into school, making sure his education runs smoothly and he receives the support at school that he needs. For example, school sport is not easy for Ibrahim. He cannot take part in any contact sports, such as rugby for fear of injury. Before the home transfusions, Ibrahim could spend the whole day at hospital waiting for his treatment. Now it takes around an hour to administer the Octaplas which means that Ibrahim and his family can enjoy a near normal life together. The nurses even managed to secure tickets for Ibrahim and his brother to watch their favourite football team, Arsenal, play.” See Ibrahim's story here:

Congratulations to everyone nominated this month!

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