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Every month, our panel will choose one member of staff or a team as the ‘shine a light’ award winner.  

Teams will be presented with a voucher for £50 and individual winner's will receive £25.  We will also promote their story through our website and newsletters, along with a summary of everyone that was nominated.
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This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.  


Please find a list of previous winners below.

December 2018 - Duncan White, Site Manager, Oak Tree Centre & Vicki Brookes, Tissue Viability Nurse, Adult Services, Luton

by Sarah Turner | Dec 20, 2018

This award is an opportunity for patients, families, visitors and Trust colleagues to say ‘thank you – you made a difference’ to a member of staff or a team for anything (however small!) that helped make their experience of our services better.

The winners for December 2018 are:

Duncan White, Site Manager, Oak Tree Centre Duncan White

Duncan was nominated Danielle Black who said: “The Healthy Child Programme leadership team would like to thank Duncan for all his support and hard work. Duncan’s worked tirelessly to ensure our recent service redesign has been successful, especially in the last couple of months whilst we’ve been planning for the duty desk merges for the Huntingdon and Fenland teams.

“Duncan’s supported us with fire registers, removal of waste and furniture, rearranging the offices, cleaning issues, building repairs, making the building a comfortable place to work, minor work, room planning and so much more. When we’ve asked for help, Duncan’s assisted in an efficient way, as well as offered his services with a friendly approach. We’d just like to thank him for being such a good team player.

“Duncan’s so helpful and thoughtful; he’s an asset to the Oak Tree Centre workforce. We felt it necessary to celebrate his role in our recent successes because we couldn't have done what we have without him. Many thanks Duncan!”

Vicki Brookes, Tissue Viability Nurse, Adult Services, Luton Vicki Brookes and Matthew Winn

Vicki was nominated by Julia Curtis who said: “Colleagues will remember that Vicki supported a patient to attend our public Board session in November to talk about her experience with our 'well leg' clinic. The patient explained the dramatic impact of work Vicki did with her - the treatment has absolutely changed her life!

“Vicki demonstrated that she’s an absolute exemplar of living the Trust's values and goes the extra mile in so many ways. She seemed completely unaware of the fantastic impact she had, not only on this patient but so many more, as well as on her colleagues and other partners in primary care - the work she’s done with practice nurses to raise the profile of the service has been exceptional.

“I’m nominating Vicki for the overall commitment she has to patients, colleagues and high quality care and, most importantly, the absolute professionalism that she demonstrates on a daily basis. She’s a fantastic role model and truly deserves the Christmas Shine a Light award.”

Huge congratulations to Duncan and Vicki!

Also nominated this month:

Juliette Bicknell, Specialist SLT, Speech and Language Therapy

Juliette was nominated by Alison Hanson who said: “Juliette has set up a process to enable every Early Years setting across Cambs to have the opportunity to attend one of our Early Years Information Sessions. She has used Eventbrite for people to book onto the course and liaised with colleagues in the local authority to get the courses advertised in their Early Years magazine.

“Juliette has set up a tracker so that we can see which settings have attended and who the staff members were. So far we have offered four training sessions this term and have trained 46 staff members from 35 settings, a great start to our ambition to deliver training to staff from all 295 Early Years Settings! Juliette’s enthusiasm has inspired the team and her drive has ensured that this project has moved forward.”

Liz Webb and Sharon Mason, Nurses, Holly Ward, Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Liz Webb and Sharon Mason were nominated by the parents of a patient who said: “Liz and Sharon were professional, knowledgeable, kind, friendly and made our family feel at ease – thank you!”

Debbie Chandler, IT Manager, IT Services

Debbie Chandler was nominated by Danielle Black who said: “The Healthy Child Programme leadership team feel strongly that this team’s work should be celebrated and recognized by nominating it for the Shine a Light award. We felt it was pertinent to acknowledge that the clinical work delivered cannot function without the support of the people behind the scenes. On this occasion this is the IT team. We cannot begin to describe how helpful this team is.

“Over the last 6 months the Healthy Child Programme has needed a great deal of support to ensure safe and efficient practice. Debbie and her team have supported us by installing many new ICTC PCs in our hubs and this has progressed by them supporting multiple room/venue changes for our new functions such as the duty desks.

“Ongoing changes continue, including the hard task of issuing all staff with IT equipment that will support mobile working, and this support has been well planned and very useful for promoting a mobile working workforce. The team is currently supporting us in our transition to a 0-19 Duty Desk which has taken much organisation and time. The hard work so far has ensured that Huntingdonshire and Fenland 0-5 teams have merged successfully and this week Cambridgeshire School Nursing will also join us to create a 0-19 HCP duty desk. This would not have happened without IT’s support and patience.

“This nomination is to celebrate how hard the team works, as well as thank members for their friendly, knowledgeable and timely advice and support. We would also like to acknowledge the extra hours the team has worked and continue to work so that our service goes uninterrupted. We cannot thank members enough for their ongoing support.” 

Andrew Rose, ICT Project Support Officer, Corporate

Andrew was nominated by Michelle McKenzie who said: “Andrew has been a consistent help through the change and update of equipment, he never complains about the amount of silly questions we ask him. He will go out of his way to make adjustments to IT equipment to make it as accessible and user friendly as possible.

“I would personally like to thank Andrew for supporting my needs required through occupational health in order to be able to use computer equipment with ease. Andrew has become a well-known face within the HCP service over the past year, always happy to help during what can often be stressful and frustrating times with IT.”

Huge congratulations to everyone nominated this month.



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