0-19 Children's Service - Luton

What we do

The 0-19 Service is delivered by health visiting, school nursing and infant feeding teams.

The 0-19 service is offered to children aged 0-5 who live in Luton, and children aged 5-19 who attend a Luton school, college, or alternative education provider, as well as to their parents/guardians/carers. There is an open access referral system in place which includes self referrals.

The vision of the 0-19 Service is that all children will reach their full potential. We aim to contribute to this through delivery of the Healthy Child Programme in partnership with other agencies including children’s centres.

Come and see us in child health clinic for advice and support on your child’s development, feeding, starting solids etc and to monitor the growth, health and well-being needs of babies and children. A timetable can be found on the Flying Start website here.

The service is provided in a variety of settings including:

  • Client’s homes
  • GP surgeries
  • Children’s centres
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Community health services

The Healthy Child Programme is an early intervention and prevention public health programme which consists of interventions such as screening, health and development reviews, health promotion,  and advice to children, young people and their parents/guardians or carers.

The programme includes:

  • Antenatal contacts
  • New birth visits by day 14
  • 6-8 week maternal mental health assessments
  • 1 year development assessments
  • 2 year development assessment
  • School entry reviews
  • National Child Measurement Programme
  • Universal health promotion
  • Advice, signposting and referrals to other agencies
  • Progressive packages of care

Antenatal and newborn services

All antenatal clients will be contacted for a visit within 28-36 weeks of their pregnancy.

Mothers and their partners are also recommended to attend antenatal classes "Bump to Babe", which consists of three two hour sessions, at around 25 weeks pregnant. Please contact Flying Start to book your place. 

There is also a monthly session to support mums with feeding their newborn babies, which you can find more about here. 

All parents/carers of new babies will be sent a text message at 5 weeks, in which we recommend parents/ carers then book their routine 6-8 week appointment and immunisations with their GP and to attend their local child health clinic for health visiting advice and support. 

Also take a look at our infant feeding page here. 

How to contact our service

Both patients and professionals can call our duty advice line on 0333 405 0087, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. 

Leaflets and additional information

Infant feeding, breastfeeding service, school nursing service

Hungry Little Minds - Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five. 

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