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Working directly on Behaviour

If you want to change a behaviour, try these two behavioural principles:

  • If you reward a behaviour you will see more of it
  • If you ignore a behaviour you will see less of it

When trying to decrease an unwanted behaviour, it is important that you teach a new way of behaving appropriately at the same time. This will prevent other negative behaviours developing. To do this you will need to remove all rewards from the unwanted behaviour and look for ways to reward a behaviour that is wanted.

Ignore the individual when they interrupt you talking by asking for something, but respond immediately if they say ‘excuse me’. In this situation the individual will learn that they will only get the response they are seeking by saying ‘excuse me’ first.

In order to help the learning of new behaviours it is important that your response is clear and consistent, you must respond in the same way each time.

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