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How vaccines work and myth busting

How vaccines work

When your child has a vaccine they develop antibodies to protect against the disease. After this, if your child comes into contact with the disease, their body will recognise it and know how to fight against it with those antibodies

Myth Busting

You may have heard lots of myths about vaccines. These can make you worry about your child having vaccinations. Here are some facts about them:

  • It’s a myth that your child can’t have a vaccine if they have a cough or cold - as long as they don’t have a fever they can have the vaccine
  • It’s a myth that you can use homeopathy instead of vaccines. There isn’t any evidence that homeopathy protects your child from serious diseases, this is what vaccinations are for
  • Sometimes people may think it’s better to get the disease than to have the vaccine that protects against it. The diseases that vaccines protect us from can have very serious complications, which can be avoided by having the vaccine.
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