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Posture and seating

Having the correct size seat and table set up can increase comfort and concentration. It can enable your child to focus on the task and improve their performance.

What you can do to help

Make sure your child is seated in a good position when using pencil and paper, another term for this is seating posture. For your child to be able to control movement in his or her hands your child’s body and shoulders need to be steady and relaxed.

Check the following:

✓ Can they get both feet flat on the floor/surface?

✓ Can they rest their lower back on chair?

✓ Are their knees sitting in line or slightly above their hips?

✓ Is the table a comfortable height? It should be slightly above the elbow if the arm rests down.

✓ Are they leaning forward just the right amount?

✓ Is their book or laptop an accessible distance?

✓ Is the top of the computer screen at eye level

Correct Height Table

What can I try if I am still concerned?

Good Posture

✓ A block/book/tray/step under your child’s feet can help if they can’t reach the floor

✓ Adding a ‘booster’ seat to adult chairs can be a good step after a high chair

✓ Adjustable children’s chairs with foot supports are available e.g. Trip Trips (see red chair in image)

✓ An angled writing slope can improve posture (see image)

✓ Some children benefit from trying a wedge cushion

✓ Ensure your child has had a recent eye test if they are leaning close to the page

✓ Regular breaks can help improve posture and concentration for some children.

✓ If my child appears not to have the strength to sit for playing/eating/drawing click through to some exercises here.
Trip Trap

What if my child has/needs specialist seating?

Please ask your occupational therapist for advice.

If you have a breezi chair that needs adjusting please watch the video below:

If you have a Smirthwaite Heathfield Chair that needs adjusting please click the link below:

How we can help

If your child continues to have difficulties, please call us on 0300 029 5050 or ask your child's school, nursery or health professional to complete a referral form and send it to us.

For professionals: Referral forms can be found on the 'contact us' page.

Need More Information?

  • NRS and fledglings have lots of equipment such as wedges and foot supports. Click here to find out more 
  • Back in action have lots of great seating, desks and other support options. Click here for more information
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