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Keeping clean and looking after your hair

How can you help?

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As your child progresses and the tasks get easier slowly reduce the amount of assistance

To start with, your child may require lots of encouragement to have their hair brushed and washed.

  • Check your child is comfortable where they are sitting. If on a chair it may be useful to put something under their feet.
  • If appropriate allow your child to observe other family member’s personal care routines.
  • Discuss with your child when they should be washing their hands/face/body/hair.
  • Show your child the steps of hand washing ensuring they use soap, water and dry their hands. – basic visual sequences can help with this.


Keeping clean #TopTips

  • General Strategies

How we can help

We hope this information will provide you with ideas to break each area of the activity into achievable steps.

If your child continues to have difficulties, you can phone us on our ADVICE LINE 0300 029 5050 (option 4) or ask your child's school, nursery or health professional to complete a referral form and send it to us.

For professionals: Referral forms can be found on the 'contact us' page

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