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Personal care includes lots of different activities that are important for looking after yourself. This includes brushing your teeth, washing and looking after your hair. Whenever possible, encourage children to complete these tasks independently.

Below is a great video about toilet training and continence issues for children and young people with additional needs with lots of useful tips and support if required.

Hygiene #TopTips

  • General Strategies

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Begin with helping your child at all points, slowly reduce the help as each step becomes easier.

Your child at this stage may have recently been introduced to having their teeth brushed or they may not like having their teeth brushed.

  • Use the right size toothbrush for your child’s mouth
  • Allow your child to choose their toothbrush and tooth paste, lots of child characters are available
  • Use a mirror so your child can see themselves
  • You may want to stand behind your child while brushing their teeth
  • Encourage your child to hold the tooth brush and participate where possible
  • Take your child to the dentist when they have their first milk teeth, this is both for dental health and to increase confidence around being introduced to the dentist at a young age

    If your child continues to find tooth brushing difficult:

  • Try a mild or non-flavoured tooth paste
  • Try electric and standard tooth brushes
  • Consider if different tooth pastes have different textures, some children don’t like the bubbles
  • If your child is finding it hard to accept a standard tooth brush you could try chewy tooth brushes, baby tooth brushes or initially try cleaning with a flannel (the safety of each of these would need to be considered)
  • For children with additional needs specialist dentists are available. – Link 
How we can help 

We hope this information will provide you with ideas to break each area of the activity into achievable steps.

If your child continues to have difficulties, please call us on 0300 029 5050 (option 4) via our ADVICE LINE or ask your child's school, nursery or health professional to complete a referral form and send it to us.

For professionals: Referral forms can be found on the 'contact us' page

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