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Safety In Your Home

What you can do to help

There are lots of different ways to make your home safer for your child. Below we have illustrated the most common approaches that we recommend.

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Living room

Fix your TV to a wall, get a screen guard, fit a fire Guard, secure or protect electrical cables, place ornaments out of reach or remove them, place protective film over glass.


Keeping hazards out of reach, restrict access to the kitchen, lock away chemicals and sharp objects, check hot water temperature to prevent injuries, oven/hob guard, cupboard locks, fridge lock.


Lock from the outside when not in use, constant supervision for children, anti-Slip mat in the bath and on the floor, lockable cabinet for products, temperature controlled shower and taps, shower and bath water thermometer, toilet lid lock, flood prevention plugs, time limited taps.


Remove furniture to prevent climbing, fix blind or curtain cord out of reach, bed guard, low level bed, soft landing on the floor, radiator cover, window restrictor or lock.

Outside spaces

Have lockable storage for tools and chemicals, fit gate locks, level uneven surfaces, check for poisonous plants, remove animal faeces, fit secure fencing, supervise children on play equipment, keep larger equipment away from fencing, secure front garden/driveway.


  • Get flooring that is easy to clean
  • Furniture corner covers
  • Window restrictors
  • Stair gate
  • Working smoke alarms
  • Radiator covers
  • Foam door stopper guard and finger guard
  • Plug socket covers 


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