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Moving house

Some families may find moving house is the best option to meet their child’s needs in the home. An Occupational Therapist will assess what the housing needs are for your child. A letter from an Occupational Therapist known as a Housing Needs report will specify what the minimum requirements are for a suitable property.

What you can do to help

Home owners can apply to be on the housing register but this is subject to certain criteria. Applications can be made by completing the online home link registration form found on their website:  

Home-Link, is the choice based lettings (CBL) scheme for council and housing association properties across the Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk area. The scheme covers all the available council and housing association properties. You can also find information about all the housing options available in the area.


How we can help

In some cases, moving to another property which can provide more suitable accommodation is more appropriate for a person’s longer term housing and well-being. Under certain circumstances, the District Council can provide a relocation grant to help with the costs of moving.

Need more information?

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New referrals

To request an occupational therapy assessment of housing you can phone Cambridgeshire County Council Contact Centre:  0345 045 5202

You can complete a referral form and send it to us. This can be found on the 'contact us' page

For other housing needs please contact the local Specialist Housing Advisor 01223 729100 or email:

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