Additional Resources/Links/Guidance and Advice 

Contact our Luton Single Point of Access number on 0333 405 0087 for more advice and information on support available.

Nutrition Diet growth – including healthy start vitamins and healthy diet and nutrition.

For information and guidance on how to measure or weigh your infant/baby or child - click here.

Sleep, Toileting, Behaviour, Play and Stimulation – direct parents support websites:

Parentline - a confidential advice and support text messaging service for Luton parents and carers of children aged 0-19 years - 07507 331886

ChatHealth - a confidential health advice text messaging service for 11-19 year old's living in Luton - 07520 616070

Hearing and Vision - these services are not currently taking any referrals. Any concerns refer to Health Visitor for review.   SPA number: 0333 405 0087

Universal parenting support –

Flying Start parenting helpline: 07501 722556 (10am – 3pm weekdays).

Communication (Speech and Language Team)  – SALT service are continuing to accept referrals from professionals via email. Telephone or video appointments are offered to families.

Pre-Referral Advice and Support – Talking Takes Off amended pathway.

For support with speech and language:

Parenting - Introduce Five to Thrive Principles and children’s centres – direct parents to flying start website: For any universal parenting support direct parents to the Flying Start parenting helpline: 07501722556 (10am – 3pm weekdays).

Safety in the home and outdoors - Home safety; to include pets and car safety*

‘Safe at Home’ – normal home service has ceased. Any general support and advice regards home safety refer parents to ‘Safe at Home’ helpline: 07553348485 or email:

Immunisation status - Immunisations for one year and under will now be provided by the GP practices.  


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